860 Lacrosse Announces New Home at Loomis Chaffee School

CONNECTICUT — 860 Lacrosse is pleased to announce that, going forward, it will base operations at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut.

“We are so excited about this move,” says 860 Director, Tim Leary. “It will allow us to expand our offering, double our outreach efforts, and get more kids playing lacrosse. Expect great things from us like more kid clinics, additional age groups, overnight camps, tournaments, and more.”

Tim Leary also takes over as the Boy’s Junior Varsity coach at Loomis.

“I’m likewise very excited to take over as the boy’s JV coach,” said Leary. “We’ll work hard to support Coach Ball’s Varsity program, on its inevitable rise to the top of the national rankings.”

Practices start March 26, 2024, for both outfits.

How do I Know Where to Place My Child in Youth Lacrosse?

UNITED STATES — If you’re confused by the “new rules,” you aren’t alone. Some sports group youth athletes by age or birth year. Lacrosse has long grouped players by high school graduation year. All grouping systems have challenges.

The National Lacrosse Federation, in cooperation with USA Lacrosse, are moving the fastest sport on two feet from a grad-year grouping to an age-class-hybrid grouping.

Announced in 2022, the new “Age Verification” system in youth lacrosse became effective in September, 2023. The new system aims to “improve the integrity of competition, the quality of experience for all participants and player safety.”

Under the new system, players in what has been known as the “29 class,” and below, will be grouped by birth-month-year, beginning with September 1 dating. The September jumpoff attempts to align with most US school systems, so kids can play with their friends.

Should you expect this new system to solve the age-old problem of level playing field? No. Even friends in the same class will mature differently. But the new system should make things more level.

In September, 2023, the NLF began grouping its own teams and events under the new Age Verification system, but “are expected to continue using graduation years as the team names.” This doesn’t mean everyone will follow suit. While the NLF is already subjecting its own players, and clubs entering its tournaments, to age verification, other Directors may not. Youth rec programs are more likely to get in line early, private clubs more likely to drag feet. And once you hit high school, the rules change again.

In a November ’23 phone call, a representative of USA Lacrosse said, “expect the rollout to be slow and bumpy. We’re already getting pushback.”

For now, the way to keep tabs on the rollout, is to bookmark the USA LACROSSE AGE & ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES PAGE

860 Announces Visit to Georgetown Prep

BETHESDA, MD — 860 Lacrosse will visit one of the nation’s top high school lacrosse programs, Georgetown Preparatory School, near Baltimore, March 9, 2024.

The day will include a practice in Georgetown Prep’s stadium, an appearance from Head Coach, Scott Urick, and a full campus tour. The guys will then spend the evening visiting Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor.

The 860 team(s) will cap the weekend trip, playing at the Spring Thaw Tournament at Cooperplex in Edgewood, Maryland.

860 Announces New 6th-Grade & Under Squad

WEST HARTFORD, CT — 860 Lacrosse has filled most of the roster spots on its new “6U” squad, who will practice at Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT, Friday evenings, March-May, 2024.

We will focus on developing lacrosse IQ, stick skills, and team chemistry that will carry the group through their middle school years. As with all 860 Lacrosse programs, we’ll charge hard, in a high-tempo, mad-reps format. The ’24 season will culminate in a tournament, giving the guys a tangible goal to attain.

860, Connecticut’s only competitive spring travel club, offers dedicated players who like to grind, a chance to play lacrosse at the next level. For some, this group will help bridge the gap between recreational and competitive lacrosse. And may jumpstart a whole new trajectory, including one-of-a-kind looks from some of the best prep school coaches in the country.

Roster spots are limited.

This is among the first squads formed during the rollout of the new Age Verification rules. Until that unfolds, we’re calling this squad, “6 Dev.”


860 Announces Team Visit to Eaglebrook School

DEERFIELD, MA — 860 ’28 Black is set to visit Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts, on October 21, 2023.

Practicing with Coach Tim Winslow, eating with the school’s lacrosse team, touring campus, and meeting with Admissions staff, the families look forward to a unique embedded experience.

Some 860 ’28 Black unable to attend, there may be a limited opportunity for boys currently in 7th & 8th grade to join. Submit your interest at the link below:


860 Announces Pay-optional Lacrosse Clinic for Rising K-2nd Grade Boys & Girls

HARTFORD COUNTY — In an effort to improve access to the game, 860 Lacrosse is offering a pay-optional clinic at “Irish field” in Glastonbury, August 14-18, 2023, 9:00am-12:00pm.

132 Commerce Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033

This clinic is designed to help kids entering Kindergarten through 2nd-grade, get started or sharpen their skills.

— Must have a mouthguard
— Must bring WATER and a snack
— Sunblock is recommended

— Bring lax gear, if you have it
— Let us know if you need a loaner stick

— Bring eye protection (“goggles”), if you have them
— Let us know if you need to borrow goggles or a stick


Will there be any contact at this clinic? No. We’ll focus on beginner stick skills and drills that do not involve any contact.

Do I have to come every day?
No. Come to any and all sessions that work for you.

Do I have to stay the whole time?
No. We’ll be there teaching and having fun for 3 hours x 5 days, show up when you can.

Is this clinic open to Boys and Girls?

What is “Pay-optional?”
The suggested value of the five-day clinic is $100/player. Payment is separate from registration. Register at the link below and pay what you can.

How can I ask further questions?
email info@860lacrosse dot com

How Do I register and/or pay?
Click Here.

860 Announces Another Way to Join the Fun…in Newport, Rhode Island

NEW ENGLAND — In its inaugural season, 860 Lacrosse was invited several times to play in tournaments not otherwise on the calendar. Generally late notice situations, the organization found itself scrambling to find Free Agents.

To simplify this process in the future, 860 has registered “860 National,” a tournament team, with US Lacrosse.

860 Nat’y Boys ‘28 is super excited to embark on its first outing, to Newport, Rhode Island this weekend.

The coaches hope the players are equally excited to fun run the famous Cliff Walk and hunt ice cream comes as they are ground balls.

And the team is still looking for one more midfielder.

860 Lacrosse Announces New Teams for 2024

HARTFORD COUNTY — Launching in spring 2023, 860 Boys ’28 Black, a rising 8th-grade A team, played 22 games in Long Island, Philadelphia, Greenwich, Darien, and New Canaan.

You can see the team’s stats on the Tourney Machine app, watch their US Club Lacrosse ranking, or follow them on Instagram.

The first competitive spring travel club in Connecticut, demand has quickly outstripped supply, and 860 Lacrosse will be adding new squads into 2024…

860 ’28 Iron – Boys ’28 (B)

860 ’28 Tourney – Tournament Team

860 ’29 Black – Boys ’29 (A)

Register your interest in joining 860 Lacrosse here.

860 Announces Prospect Day at Loomis Chaffee School June 12th

HARTFORD COUNTY — After a successful inaugural season, 860 Lacrosse, Connecticut’s only competitive spring travel club, will hold a prospect day for boys’ lacrosse players in the 2028 high school grad class (rising 8th-graders), and younger, at Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT on June 12, 2023 from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Come out and throw the rock with the 28’s who founded our program this year, take the opportunity to show us your skills, meet the 860 Coaches, as well as the Head Coach of Loomis Chaffee Varsity Lacrosse, Bill Ball.



Why Spring Travel Lacrosse…I thought spring was “town season?”

The town Rec programs are great, but they are Rec programs. Which means, kids of varying skill-level play together, and everybody gets in the game. This modality is great for getting exercise and making memories with friends but leaves some kids without the competitive vehicle they deserve.

Is this situation unique to CT?

Other “lacrosse hotbeds,” like Long Island and greater Baltimore for example, went the way of travel taking the priority position, long ago. In those areas, the more competitive kids prioritize their travel clubs, and “get reps” with their friends at Rec when they can.

Do you ever ask an 860 player or family to choose 860 over any other activity?


Is 860 the only spring travel club in CT?

There’s one other, Greenwich Warriors. But theirs is a more inclusive model, our goal is competition.

If I play for 860 can I also play for my town?
Yes. We do everything we can to coordinate with town directors, so kids can play both. Our schedule is published far in advance of the town Rec schedules. We encourage 860 families to ask their town coordinators to monitor our schedule, so as to avoid conflicts. We’re aware of the more “immovable” town lacrosse dates (certain tournaments, league playoffs, etc), and avoid scheduling on those dates.

What do the players do when there is a conflict?
That’s up to the player’s family.

What if I have further questions?
Text 206.931.6800